Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I have Chosen a Wrong Way

There's light above there
Can be seen from this deep dark well
The water almost dried up
The weed grasping for air

A mynah flies above the sky
The birds chirping to the rat
Telling that run is a better choice
Behind the bush there's hissing sound

A play is staging on that side
Between a man that loves wholeheartedly
And a girl who demands for money
Making the crowds groaning 
Flare up of the lady persona 
Throwing pity on that wretched

Life is a stage he said
Where men and women are players
Two birds lovingly fall
While two cubs hardly live

Time never stopped
But spirit always fall
World lost it's smile
When rain showing the cry

A heart is broken
When a heart choosing the road
And leaving the other side
With regret and chagrin 

I have chosen a wrong way
Said the lady
When she is looking back
To the affection full of sincerity

The rat listened to the birds
The hissing sound heard no more
Still the light shining up there 
A trust to live a better way

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