Thursday, October 24, 2013

~ white wing ~

i just never knew with whom i be friend with
ahh rase nak menangis !
i feel great to have you
to know you
to be friend with you

thank you~

why so cute?
and humble
i fall in love with my own friend !
okay, over sangat tu -.-

just just
you're amazing !
awesome !
terrific !
nice !
great !
what more words to say about you?

thank you so much 
my dear white wing :')
the one that never failed to make me smile

i like your previous life
and the light that appear soon after that
and you are right now
admire your journey so much

ahhh almost crazy 
why why why
why so 
malas cakap

just thank you thank you and thank you !
may Allah ease your journey
allahumma ameen


indah betul hidup ini
ada sahabat seperti anda
nak nangis, terharu sangat :')
wehh hayat !
hang ni nangis betoi ka?
ahh sudahhh

terasa seperti sedang mendepakan tangan di hadapan pantai
angin menghembus tenang, bunyi ombak
sambil mendongak pandang ke langit biru
terukir riak kepuasan pada wajah

2011 :p

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