Tuesday, December 29, 2015

seni ozledim

Saturated fat? Ewww...

Cheese is good and delicious too. 

It is a type of saturated fat that becomes solid in room temperature. This type of fat always being in a myth of getting heart attack! The arteries are clogged by it. 

In fact, this is so wrong! 

Actually, the cause of clogged in the arteries is the trans-fat not the saturated fat. Moreover, we need saturated fat for healthy brain function.

Takdelah. Mana ada rindu sains. 


*Testing and Assessment Class*

Variance, coefficient, mean, variable, difficulty index....

Mana ada kita rindu matematik !


"Ja, i love you, i miss you dalam bahasa turki apa?"
"Senin seviyorum. i love you."

hmm, kita tak rindu awak jugakla naja


seni ozledim - i miss you

haah, rindu semuanya~

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