Saturday, June 23, 2012

Deep inside

what it feel when u see your body become weak day by day
u can only think
Ya Allah my time has come?
what should i do?
lacking of ibadah lots of evil i did
do i have enough time to repent?

My Lord, forgive me!
for all my wickedness, i'm so sorry
for all the mistakes, i'm so sorry
for hurting my mother, hurting my father, make them angry, make them unhappy
for hurting my siblings, harsh to them, yelling them, make them cry
for hurting my friends, backbiting, hatred, envy, angry
for hurting anything on earth, cats, birds, plants and what-so-ever
by  today, do i have enough time to be in Ramadhan?
to seek thoroughly the lailatul qadr
even two times i feel your coming but indeed i did ignore it
i was a foolish
do i have the third chances?

when i was going to sleep i'm wondering myself
will i wake up again?
will i prostrate Allah again in the morning as i woke up?
will i be able to breath again?
will i be able to see my parents and hug them tightly like they hug me tightly with full of love after i was born?
will i my Lord? 
will i be able to say Astaghfirullah before the time?
i need only You i need only You i need only You