Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thank You

Centre for Foundation Studies
International Islamic University Malaysia

everything i learnt here stay tightly in my short simple life.. and friends are the best part of me being here in the gateway of garden knowledge and virtue.. laugh, smile, and tears are simply the spices while being a student.. friends come friends go, anything, you are a part of me

ain ; ilham ; maton

mira ; mylife

mylife ; Qilah ; hajar ; aisyah

ema ; ainil ; ain fazlini ; ain soffiyyah ; hasanah ; emi ; saidah

Ustaz Abd el-Aziz

LQM 3161 ; section505

the scene from the fourth floor of Mahallah Aisyah, cfs iium pj

a moment after playing basketball for SMAC with sweet ever roomates

Ustaz Rohaizaf and maharat members 

Hazirah Bajuneid ; Saidah Na'ilah

Ustaz Azhar with maharat members

nurunnaja and mylife

kak siti ; nad

kak alifah ; nana ; kira ; seha

memorable moments being with all committee members of Ta'aruf Week 

i end this entry with thank you :')

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