Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the sound

Someday somehow the melody of notes of piano makes my heart melt; and also the sweetest sound of the string of guitar.

I can put my smile on them till the song last and at the end i'll smile wider :D

But one day something happened. Just a few days after i'm home.

I do not know how, but i saw a couple (married). The husband sing a song for his beloved wife. I tried to listen to the song and guess what? He recite verses of al-Quran for her!

I'm not smiling at all like i hear the sound of piano or guitar but i cried :'( Subhanallah what a lovely thing. I saw them in dream, but i do cry after i woke up.

The love version from Allah is always the best! ^^

Ohh, i should sleep now, who knows i might meet people like them or someone i need most now :')

تصبحون على خير! أحلاما سعيدة
أستغفر الله العظيم

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