Monday, January 7, 2013

Cry. Weak?

One day, my sister say, "Baby is crying to strengthen its lung" i was like, "is it true?" so that's how it is! But it is just a theory from this idea of brain. No copy from others. Just from me who loves to think "why? Why? Why?" hehe.

So this is it. Something in my mind that appear like a magic and its truly make my brain mess for awhile. When we try our best to think, our head will sick. Headache! headache!! -_-"

Have you ever thought that why some scholars said, "if you cannot cry when recite al-Quran, then pretend to" ??? Why?

Some says, "Don't cry! Don't be so childish. Be strong! You look like a baby! Wake up! Its 2013......" (its up to me to say so)

After i heard the statement told by my sister, i was shocked. Really. Not a lie. So my question has been answered!

We cry to have the strength! The more we cry the more we will be strong. But! Is it simply we have to cry and we will be strong?


Hehe. The scholars said when we recite al-Quran. What is al-Quran? It is the words of Allah. Can you think what i think? :D

Cry infront of Allah! Let everything go infront of Him. Just cry and tell Him everything! Yes, He already knows what we are going to say, but He loves us who begging Him thoroughly. He misses 'ibadurrahman.

Any problem just talk to Allah and cry. Sincerely. He is our creator. He knows what is the best for us at the right time at exact place.

# sesungguhnya ciptaan Allah itu tiada satu pun sia-sia. Bahkan air mata yg dilihat lemah itu merupakan selangkah untuk mendapatkan kekuatan dari-Nya

So, this is it. My theory. Not agree? Any mistakes? Grammar? Oh, long time not write an essay -_-

O Allah, i'm writing because i always forget. I'm writing so one day i'll remember again. And You know what is exactly in my heart. Nothing can be kept secret from You. Forgive me. Allahumma ameen. Thank you Allah :')

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